Beitrittsdatum: 17. Juli 2022


The woman says that she plans to live there with her schoolgirl daughter. They move from the other end of Moscow, from the south, closer to their mother (grandmother), who will help with raising their daughter Our dialogue goes like this:

- It's February, you have now put your apartment up for sale and are looking for an option on the other side of Moscow. Daughter is a schoolgirl. So?

- So!

- Will you transfer your child from one school to another at the end of the school year?

- In terms of?

“Here, listen to what I learned from you. It's February and you've put your apartment up for sale. Call me on the ad and say that you want to buy an apartment from our client. This means that in April you will sell your apartment, buy, for example, our apartment on the other side of Moscow, and the task will be to transfer the child to another school at the end of the year.

Isn't it easier to give him the opportunity to finish the school year at his former school?

- Yes. I thought. Is it possible to sell an apartment so quickly?

- Usually, at a liquid price, a buyer for an apartment is seven weeks in advance. Our owner will definitely want to sell his apartment before the end of April.



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