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Ensemble Lemniscate’s

Swingers ∞ Club

Swingers ∞ Club #1 (2018/19)

collaboration with ensemble Zafraan from Berlin
on the 03.11.18 we played at the Klangwerkstatt Festival in Berlin

on the 05.03.19 we played in Basel at Ackermannshof - Druckereihalle

Swingers ∞ Club #2 (2019)

collaboration with Tristero Piano Trio Helsinki (FI)
on the 16.05.19 we will play together at the Vapaantaiteentila (space for free arts) in Helsinki (FI)

on the 18.05.19 we will play in Basel at Filter-4


Swingers ∞ Club is a long-term collaborative project developed by Ensemble Lemniscate in the end of 2016 to establish and broaden cultural exchange between different ensembles, cities, music scenes and curatorial practices. The project centers on the idea of “swapping” one or more aspects of an ensemble’s defining traits with another.

The Swingers ∞ Club concert format centers around the “swapping” of 1 or 2 of the following curatorial points between 2 ensembles:


1. Repertoire: ensembles exchange repertoire. One ensemble curates what the other ensemble will play (and vice-versa).


2. Commission: ensembles exchange commissions. Each ensemble chooses a composer and commissions him/her to write a piece for the other ensemble (and vice-versa).

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